Root Canal in Wakad Baner, Pune

Root Canal Treatment Near Me in Wakad Baner, Pune

A Root Canal Treatment entails removing the infected soft tissue within the tooth and replacing it with an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure not only saves the tooth but also eliminates dental pain.

The Need For Root Canal Treatments in Wakad Baner, Pune

The decaying of teeth (cavities), if left untreated, develop further and gradually destroy a significant portion of the tooth before reaching the ‘pulp’ of the tooth. This pulp is a thin and soft tissue present in the tooth canals, predominantly consisting of nerves and blood vessels. If the infection reaches the pulp, it results in what is commonly known as ‘dental pain’. At this stage, the tooth can only be saved by performing a Root Canal Treatment.

Don’t Fear The Root Canal Anymore

We combine state-of-the-art technology with our expertise and soft-skill approach to ensure that every root canal procedure is precise, seamless and pain-free. Most of the root canal treatments at SMILE STUDIO DENTAL WAKAD, BANER PUNE are performed within 30 minutes by our expert endodontists who make sure you are always comfortable and relaxed. We understand that people fear root canals and tend to avoid undergoing treatment.

However, our specialists carefully craft the entire process to eliminate any fear attached to this procedure. In fact, we turn it into a very positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the root canal process painful?

Because the patient is under anesthesia, root canal treatment is less painful than regular dental procedures such as backbones. B. Wisdom tooth filling or removal. However, root canal treatments are usually a little sore and numb after the procedure, and may even cause mild discomfort for several days.

Q. How long does it usually take for a root canal to heal?

Root canal recovery usually takes at least seven days. Mild pain may be felt for a few days but will be subsite with medication. If you have severe pain or discomfort that lasts more than a week, visit your nearest dentist.

Q. How much does a root canal cost?

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown for a root canal might cost between Rs. 4000 and Rs. 8000. 

The extent and gravity of the infection determine how much a root canal procedure costs. From a low fee of Rs. 2000 to a typical rate of Rs. 7000, it varies in Pune. The crown or cap charges are in addition to the treatment fees. They differ depending on the crown’s composition and are typically chosen by the patient.

Q. How do I know if I need a root canal?

Only after visiting a dentist can you be certain that you require a root canal. There are some signs, nevertheless, that you should be aware of. The following are a few of the most typical root canal symptoms:

  • Continuous Pain
  • Changing the Color of Your Teeth
  • Intolerance to Cold and Heat
  • A tooth with a chip or crack

Q. Is it better to have a root canal or extraction?

For many patients, root canal treatment is a better way to treat an infected tooth than extraction. There are exceptions, such as when the tooth is severely damaged. After examining the diseased or damaged tooth, the dentist recommends the most appropriate treatment based on experience.

Q. What not to do after a Root Canal?

  • Very hot or cold meals or beverages can trouble sensitive teeth.
  • Sticky foodstuffs such as gum, caramel, and other candies.
  • Hard foods such as crusty bread.
  • Tough foods such as nuts.
  • Crispy foods such as chips.

Q. Can I brush my teeth after Root Canal?

All patients should brush and floss regularly after root canal treatment. However, it is important to wait for the local anesthesia to wear off before returning to normal oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are perfectly safe after the local anesthetic has been damaged. Additionally, if you’re waiting for your dentist to place a permanent crown, gentle brushing and flossing is recommended.

Q. Can a Root Canal fail?

RCT has a success rate is 95% can remain a lifetime. In some cases, the patient has root canal problems and the root canal may fail. Although this is unlikely, it can be caused by cracks or blockages in the root area, which can make it difficult to properly clean the root area of ​​the tooth. Symptoms include sensitivity to heat or cold, swelling, or pain when biting.

Q. Why do root canals take 2 visits?

Root canal treatment is done in two parts so that the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, sealed, and protected from further damage.

Q. Why do I need a root canal instead of a filling?

A toothache is an unpleasant condition and should be treated immediately. Even if you experience dull pain or extreme sensitivity, consult your local dentist. Rest assured that one of MINT Dentistry’s professional dentists will diagnose your problem and suggest helpful treatments.


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