Other Dental Treatments


Bonding is used to correct minor flaws such as chipped, uneven and cracked teeth, and fix gaps between teeth. A tooth-colored composite material is used in combination with various tints to get the desired effect.


Ceramic Veneers and Metal-free Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic veneers and metal-free ceramic crowns are used, either individually or together, to repair stained, chipped, crooked or disproportionate teeth, remove unwanted gaps and more to restore your smile.

Recontouring Of The Gums

Sometimes, the natural contours of the gums are uneven and asymmetrical resulting in an in aesthetic smile. Such gum lines are recontoured to make them look more pleasing.

teeth whitening

Instant Tooth Whitening

From mild to extreme smile makeovers and smile enhancements, we use a combination of treatments to transform your set of dull teeth into natural-looking ones within 90 minutes.

Replacement Of ‘Black-line’ Crowns

Traditionally, crowns used for the anterior teeth were made from metal and ceramic materials that created a black line around the border of the crown and gave an overall metallic tint. we use only metal-free ceramic crowns for anterior teeth to ensure no black lines are formed and the crowns blend in naturally with the adjacent teeth.

Recontouring Of Teeth

Slight alterations in the shape and size of the teeth are brought about to give you a radiant smile.

Depigmentation of Gums

The black and brown pigments occasionally present on gums are removed to give your gums a natural and uniform color.

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