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Our team of skilled specialists plan the entire treatment while taking into account the patient’s primary and secondary concerns, expectations, existing medical and oral condition, and budget and time constraints. The treatment is performed by a globally trained team of aesthetic dentists, implantologists, gum specialists, bite specialists and endodontists working in perfect sync with each other.

The execution takes place with microscopic precision to produce flawless results and restore the oral function back to normal. The long-term, successful outcome is a result of this meticulous planning, simulation and delicate coordination between the entire special. Having achieved mastery at SMILE STUDIO.

Hence, if you’re searching for a dental clinic in Pune, a dental hospital in Pune, a nearby dental clinic, the “Teeth doctor near me,” or the “best dental clinic near me,” look no further than Smile Studio Dental Clinic, Pune, which provides all dental services you might possibly require. So book an appointment at the dentist who is nearest to you.

Ask your Smile If It Is Missing Something

Stand in front of the mirror, observe your smile and answer these questions.

Despite doing a thorough research about whether you need a smile design consultation, you may still find yourself confused about the state of your smile. Answering this simple questionnaire will make it easier for you to decide if you need a smile enhancement procedure.

  1. Are your two upper front teeth too long or too wide?
  2. Do you notice any stains on your teeth?
  3. Are any of your front teeth overlapping each other?
  4. Are your lower six front teeth crooked and uneven in appearance?
  5. Are your two upper front teeth too long or too wide?
  6. Do your crowns, fillings or laminates look artificial?
  7. Do you see or feel a ‘v’ like erosion on the necks of any of your teeth?
  8. Do you feel your gums are red and swollen?
  9. Do you observe any spaces between your front teeth?
  10. In a broad smile, are any of your teeth of a different color?
  11. Do any of your front teeth ‘stick out’?
  12. When you smile broadly, do you feel that too much of your gums show?
  13. Do you feel your smile appears in aesthetic for any other reason?
  14. Do you observe any spaces between your front teeth?
  15. If there are any fillings in your front teeth, are they of a different color than your natural teeth?
  16. Do your gums curve around your teeth in any shape other than a ‘half-moon shape’?
  17. Do you get conscious while smiling naturally or while smiling for photographs for any reason?

If your answer to any of the above the questions is ‘Yes’, you should consider visiting an aesthetician dentist for a smile design consultation at SMILE STUDIO


What Our Clients Say

The dr haa got a very soft hand and does all the treatments gently.
Tamanna Singh
Smile studio is very good place for all dental treatments... Must recommended to all..
Pooja Srivastava
The best place to go to for a beautiful Nd healthy smile.
Lizaa Malik
Recently got my wisdom tooth extracted. It was a delightful experience with Dr. Ananta and team. I am someone who's extremely scared of dentists; but she made sure that I have been comforted throughout the process. Post care was very good as well.
Debalina Mukherjee
I visited her for bleeding gums and extreme sensitivity in my teeth. Her diagnosis was to the point and the treatment was explained in detail. And all that at reasonable price slabs. She doesn't enforce any treatment, gives you possible options to pick from and gives her own recommendation. Dr Ananta thank you for doing the treatment in the gentlest way possible. No more scared of dentists 😅
Megha Malik
Dr. Ananta has an immense sense of service. With this new venture I am sure she will be able to bring smile on many more faces. All the best.
Anandiii Official
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